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Friends groups are important volunteer support groups for the Baltimore County Public Library. BCPL has enjoyed a long history of support from Friends groups, which were organized as far back as the 1930's in order to establish libraries for their communities. Friends bring additional talent, expertise, volunteer support, and financial support to their community libraries. Friends have been known to network with local politicians, convincing them to open new branches or to increase service in communities that needed it. Additionally, they are the voice in the community, communicating the availability of great library programs and services to community residents.




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BCPL Sends Its Thanks To Its Many Friends and Supporters (2:05)

What Are Friends For?


Community Outreach/Advocacy

  • Friends can represent the library at local community fairs.

  • Friends can be involved in local holiday parades and celebrations.

  • Friends can represent the library in community organizations.



  • Friends can volunteer at the library.

  • Friends can assist with library programs and events.

  • Friends can become "greeters" to welcome/direct customers coming into the library.

  • Friends can participate in library projects such as historical collection preservation.

Branch Friends Groups



The Foundation for BCPL


The purpose of the Foundation for BCPL is to mobilize resources to support BCPL's commitment to a superior public library system where opportunities for literacy, reading enrichment, and lifelong learning are available to all.


Contact Person: Julie Saxenmeyer, Development Specialist, 410-887-3282,


Objectives of the Foundation for BCPL:

  • To provide funding for projects that encourage children and young adults to cultivate a life-long enthusiasm for reading and learning.

  • To act as advocates for the library to ensure that library services continue on into the future.

  • To raise funds for specific programs or projects that enhance system-wide Baltimore County Library goals and objectives.



Revised: July 13, 2015